Dana is a practice of living in a state of open handed generosity, living fully in the flow of giving and receiving -and I receive, with gratitude.

All malas shown on this page can be ordered using the item # shown (click on the photo) and filling out the order form below. Or, you may use the designs shown to inspire your own custom mala.  Danamalas can be custom ordered by emailing the artist directly.  All custom malas are created for you, and substitutions of materials may be necessary as they are available. Danamalas always come with a 6 month free restringing in the case of breakage, as long as all of the beads are there. Just email the artist for details, and please pay for postage. 

Wood danamalas

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Wood danamalas can be ordered in bulk and used as a fundraiser for your spiritual center or retreat, or individually here on the website. They are available in 10mm Indian wood or 8mm Czech boxwood and are accented with a variety of accent and focal beads.

Full Mala - $ 24.00                                  Wrist Mala - $ 10.00


Small Sacred bone, horn, gemstone and natural materials 

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These malas use smaller 8mm bone, horn, bayong wood, nut/seed or stone beads to create mindfulness beads that require a little more nimble-fingered concentration.  The power of working with bone and horn beads comes through to me when I think about the humans before me that used these materials to create tools, jewelry and sacred religious relics. They felt it too, bearing witness to a life once lived and gone. I find practicing with these beads can remind us of our connection to nature, the earth and all beings.
 I finished these malas with assorted f
ocal bead designs and hand-tied tassels
or knotted ends. 


Full Mala - $ 32.      Half Mala - $ 16.    Wrist Mala - $ 14.



Full Mala - $ 40.      Half Mala - $ 20.     Wrist Mala - $ 16.


Large Sacred bone, horn, gemstone and natural materials 

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Again I was inspired by the gorgeous translucent amber color of the horn, and the smooth coolness of the bone in these designs, but what I love the most about these beads is their size and heaviness.  Using larger 10mm bone, horn, stone, nut, seed or bayong wood beads I designed Full and Wrist malas with assorted focal bead designs and hand-tied tassels.  These heavier, more substantial beads used for more serious mindfulness practitioners.

Full Mala - $ 36.           Wrist Mala - $ 18.



Full Mala - $ 45.          Wrist Mala - $ 20.

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